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Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor

Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor is a powerful tool for SAP consultants, ABAP developers and basis administrators that helps to work with the database of an SAP system.
A robust OpenSQL parser is the base of our query engine that is capable of executing any valid OpenSQL statement depending on the authorizations set for the user.
The OpenSQL Editor uses the standard SAP autohrizations for accessing database tables and also uses custom authorization objects to restrict features available for users. If a query fulfills certain conditions (uses one table and includes all key fields), the result set of queries is editable.
Simply use the ALV grid that displays the query results to edit the result set.
Changes can be saved to the database with a single click of a button.
Mass update and delete commands are also supported, which is a convenient way do manipulate large sets of data.
The Data Modification Engine can be transported separately to each SAP system, so it is possible to set up a read-only version in the productive system while having a fully functional version in the development and test systems.
A strict locking concept ensures that the database remains consistent even in case of concurrent accesses to the same database record.
The locking mechanism not only works between multiple instances of Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor but it protects records processed with standard SAP transactions also.

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