SAP MM: MD04 and more in "landscape format"

SAP BC: Translation-Tool

SAP BC: Object-updates in ALV-overview

SAP BC: Users little Helper

SAP BC: Tool for PrinterDeviceParameters

SAP BC: Condition-maintenance by flat-files

SAP BC: Report-Call-Monitor

SAP BC: ALV-Grid after Batch-Run too

SAP BC: Logging of Frontend-GUI

SAP BC: "Smoke detector" for Maps

SAP BC: "Smoke detector" for Jobs

SAP MM: Personalise Masterdata-Field-Access

SAP MM: Stock-Evaluation

SAP MM: Material-Masterdata-Distribution

SAP FI: Analyse lost cash discount

SAP FI: Analyse vendor-masterdata

SAP MM: Masterdata-Maintenance by Flat-Files